About Us

Solidite is a company formed with the collaboration of some of the pioneers of the tyre and rubber industry, bringing into the organization a combined experience of more than 100 years in manufacturing tyres. The very brand name by itself would stand to Support the concept of a true and dedicated Solid Tire Technology with us and the Commitment to provide a Solid Tire for every Operations.

Solidite has innovated and engineered a new concept in tire manufacturing to bring in a world class technology into our tires. The product as of today is a well-established with a proven Technology of the highest level and accepted in every Continent of this Globe.

Our manufacturing process is ISO- 9001 certified, working towards getting identified for ISO 16949 and ISO14000 because we are committed in every way to protect the Environment by using:

  • Certified Environmental friendly Raw materials.
  • Controlled consumption of Natural Resources.
  • By working on Continuous Improvement Programs in reduced waste generation.
  • Complying to every Environmental legislation by Eliminating usage of any Toxic material Banned internationally.

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